Modern Real Estate Practice in Ohio 10th Edition eBook

Posted: November 8, 2021

From agency to zoning, this text covers everything students need to know to practice real estate in Ohio. Restructured and updated with the latest legislative changes, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to the industry with special features, including key terms, unit quizzes, and internet links. “In Ohio” sections provide state-specific applications to general principles, a unit on Ohio Real Estate License Laws, and make this an essential text for aspiring professionals.

NEW – Free Question Bank! This edition includes free access to the Modern Real Estate Practice in Ohio Question Bank. This versatile question bank gives students the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable, from full-length licensing exams to individual topic mini-exams. Students can simulate a licensing exam, create custom quizzes, view answer explanations, and pinpoint problem areas.

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Category: Prelicensing Product Format: Ebook ISBN: 978-1-07-881187-3 Includes Instructor Resources