Real Estate Principles 12th Edition eBook

Posted: August 6, 2021

This leading collegiate text is great for business electives or required courses in a real estate certificate or degree program. Each chapter can be treated as a stand-alone learning module, making it easy for instructors to incorporate the material into their courses. Real Estate Today Close Ups, Legal Highlights, and Case Studies help clarify difficult topics and keep students engaged. Instructor resources reduce class preparation time and include chapter outlines and exam questions.

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Category: Collegiate Product Format: Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4754-5624-0 Includes Instructor Resources

Essentials of Real Estate Investment 12th Edition eBook

Posted: July 3, 2019
Using an effective blend of theory and practice, this text helps your students navigate potential investment opportunities in the real estate market. A unified principles and practice approach allows instructors to adjust the curriculum to their needs. Coverage explores investment trends, tax laws, regulations, and market conditions. Instructor Resources include a course outline, quizzes, answer keys, and a PowerPoint presentation.
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Category: Finance, Investment, and Taxes Product Format: Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4754-8541-7 Includes Instructor Resources