Washington Real Estate Fundamentals: 60-hour Broker Prelicensing v4.0

Posted: July 7, 2023

This 60-hour online, comprehensive prelicensing real estate course covers key topics your students need to know for licensure in Washington. From concepts of real property and ownership to Washington-specific laws, including the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act and the “Real Estate Brokerage Relationships” agency law, this course is filled with relevant and timely content. This new version of Washington Real Estate Fundamentals has been updated to meet the revised curriculum released by the Washington State Department of Licensing and Washington State Real Estate Commission. Terminology has been modernized throughout the course to conform to current Washington real estate laws and practices. The Fair Housing chapter has been revamped to feature additional content on fair housing issues and consumer protection in order to comply with the latest Washington Real Estate Fundamentals curriculum outline.

Category: Prelicensing Product Format: Online